Embark on an exciting mission!

City games are exciting interactive games in the city centre of kristiansand. You will experience anADRENALINE filled mission you will have to solve within a time limit. You will feel like true detectives!

You will see the city in a unique way.

Search for clues!

To find the CLUES you'll have to move through the city, hold your eyes open and your head clear. Maybe you will meet someone who can help you?

Our game masters will keep in touch with you throughout the game and will be able to provide help in case you are stuck!

Solve the case!

To successfully solve the case, you'll have to cooperate well together. Your cooperation, abilities and creativity will be tested! City games are PERFECT for teambuilding, fun time with friends and for tourists who are looking to see Kristiansand in a totally different way!

Game no. 1:


2-10 persons | From 355NOK/pers | 120min

A priceless painting has been stolen from one of the city's art institutions. You are a group of private investigators the museum has hired to retrieve the stolen painting. The painting is suspected stolen by an eccentric, but malicous art collector. Search the city, and catch the thief!

Suitable for tourists, friends and others who want to explore Kristiansand!

Game no. 2:


5-30 persons | From 690NOK/prs | 120min

A series of mysterious murders in Kristiansand has challenged the local police. The unknown killer kills his victim by poison, and chooses his victims seemingly randomly. The police has no leads, and you are hired to help. Can you help the police solve the murders?

Suitable for tourists, teambuilding, friends and others who want to see Kristiansand in a different way.


Game no. 3:


10-50 personer | From 690NOK/prs | 180+min

A mysterious international organization have been holding several meetings in several cities in all the western european countries. This organization is said to have several imporant persons on the roster, but also close ties to known terrorist cells. We are not sure who they are meeting with, but we know they are cooperating with several other fraternal organizations - also in Kristiansand. You are our agents - and your mission is to investigate this organization. We want to know who they are, and what they are planning!

Suitable for tourists, teambuilding, friends and others who want to see Kristiansand in a different way.


Teambuilding and


Let us arrange your next teambuilding event!

We can arrange exciting teambuilding for big groups of up to 50 persons! This is the ultimate teambuilding-experience and you will see how your colleagues and coworkers cooperate in a totally different setting.

Bring your colleagues out of the work place! Try our exciting, adrenaline filled game packages with beautiful Kristiansand as backdrop!

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